Upcoming UNO Events

Oct. 22- Girls 15's/16's Tryouts- 9:30-11:30AM, parent meeting following.  If you are still in season or asked to dress/play with varsity for Regionals, still attend tryouts and fill out paperwork to be considered for a team.  We will be forming teams at these tryouts.


Oct. 29-17's/18's tryout, make up tryout for 15's/16's-9:30-11:30AM, parent meeting following.  If you are still in season, please attend tryouts, we will be forming teams at these tryouts.


Final Make up tryout- Sunday, Nov. 5, 9-11AM.


Openings for Girls 4th-6th grade, please contact Terri@unovbc.com(815-791-2626) for details.

Openings for Boys12's-14's and 15/16 Age group, contact Terri@unovbc.com(815-791-2626) for details.


Please click on the 'Tryouts/Camps/Documents' tab and look for the UNOTryout Folder for the flyer which provides more information.



Boys Sunday Skill Training-6:30-8PM, $20.

Girls Sunday Skill Training-5-6:30-$20.



Fall Programs for K-8th Grade Boys and Girls!




Welcome to UNO Volleyball Club

As a Junior Olympic (J.O.) program, we are committed to providing quality physical and psychological training and competition--locally, regionally and nationally. This competitive athletic experience enhances social development, contributes to mental and physical health and teaches the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline and self-motivation.


Our primary goal at Uno is to promote and develop youth volleyball, and assist our athletes in achieving personal and athletic success. And, since 1984 we've made it our business to do just that. We are dedicated to giving all members the chance to improve their many unique skills associated with this exciting and demanding sport. In addition, we are interested in our players' personal development as well.


Uno is a successful training program today because of the committed coaching staff and supportive families.

We are dedicated to the further advancement of our athletes and encourage them to continue playing in college, if that is their goal. Uno is proud of the fact that they have assisted over 65 volleyball scholarship recipients.


Thank you for visiting the Uno VBC web site.


posted 08/10/2017